RVR Conference Report

The Australasian Rachel’s Vineyard Conference in Sydney ended with a commitment to better communication between Retreat Sites and more sharing of resources.

The keynote address on Friday night was by Theresa Taylor, a sexual abuse counsellor. Theresa shared insights on the aftermath of sexual abuse and the importance of self-care for those working to support or counsel victims of abuse.

Richard White, Director of Bereavement Services at one of NSW’s largest funeral directors, spoke about bereavement counselling as a ministry of accompaniment. He highlighted awareness about the impact of grief, recognising anchors in the cultural and spiritual practices around grief and the reality of delight as an important expression of life.

A panel comprised of Di Langham a prison chaplain, Anne Neville from Open Doors Family Counselling and Mehmet Ozalp of the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy, reflected on the place of ritual in an experience of bereavement.

Separate reports on each of the presentations will be posted.

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