He found out the next day


A partner’s experience of abortion can have a huge impact on men and change a relationship forever.  As the father or step-father of an aborted child, men are often  excluded from finding healthy expression for their grief.  This story is from a man who speaks of his son’s abortion loss, and later his son’s suicide.

“He found out about the abortion the next day when it was all over.  He was kept out of the picture so he couldn’t pressure her, but really he didn’t know what to think.

We could have helped but we never got the chance to.

What upset me most about all of this, was how (my son) ended up as the bad person and how things changed with his girlfriend after that.  Everyone else got in there and said that they were both too young – which they were.  But even so, no one gave them a chance to grow up.

Eventually they split up for good, but it was too late.  No one had any hope for them and then after the abortion my son didn’t even have any hope for himself.”


If this story feels familiar, or has raised issues for you, we are here to help.  For confidential support and advice contact us or phone 04 974 8693 or 027 254 9222


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