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A Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat weekend is an important turning point for those with an experience of abortion.  To support your journey of healing, it may be useful to undertake a period of one-to-one counselling with a recognised post-abortion counselling practitioner or to connect with others who have walked a similar path – before or after your Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat.  

Greenstone Doors Charitable Trust

Located in Lower Hutt, Wellington region, Greenstone Doors offers ‘a safe place to talk’ for anyone who is uncertain about pregnancy or who has an experience of pregnancy-related grief or loss.  Visit:

The Buttons Project

Creating a memorial for babies lost to abortion

“Two decades ago, when I was 20, I had an abortion. At the time, I thought it was the answer to my situation and that it would be quickly forgotten. It was not.  This Project is my way of commemorating those we never got to meet.  If you would like to add a token of your loss to the thousands of others, send a Button. “


Rachel’s Vineyard Australia

Regular Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats are held at locations throughout Australia.  Visit:

Rachel’s Vineyard USA & International


The work which began Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats through Dr Theresa Burke and her husband Kevin Burke is now an international network.  Look here for Spanish language resources. Visit: