The Upper Room: Post-Retreat Reunion

Participants from previous Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats are encouraged to attend an ‘Upper Room’ Meeting for support and sharing.

The gatherings take place in Wellington between 2pm and 5pm on a Sunday afternoon, approximately six weeks after each Retreat.  Continue reading

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Prayer Network

Each Tuesday night between 10pm and 11pm, an hour of prayer is observed for the work of Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats throughout the world.

In prayer, Retreat Teams and their supporter groups across North and South America, Canada, Europe, Asia and the Pacific commit all those whose lives have been touched by abortion and those working in the ministries of resolution and reconciliation to God’s love.

This is deeply sensitive work for everyone involved and the grace of being grounded in prayer is what makes it possible.

To join the New Zealand Prayer Network please email:  [email protected]

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RV Retreat Team Completes Formation

Formation training has been completed for the Wellington-based Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat Team and official approval has been given for the Team to ‘go solo’ by the US programme founders, Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries.

Rachel’s Vineyard Wellington Team

Read more:   RV Team Formation.

The Wellington Team includes Wendy Hill (Retreat Facilitator), Dawn de Witt (Psychologist and Retreat Therapist), Carolina Gnad (Support Counsellor), Fr David Kennerley sm (Spiritual Director) and Suzanne O’Rourke (Site Leader). Continue reading

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Rachel’s Vineyard debuts in NZ

Feature Article, Welcom 6 October 2010
Wendy Hill, Wellington

www.rachelsvineyard.orgPope John Paul II’s words to those grieving the loss of a child by abortion, ‘The wound in your heart may not yet have healed … do not lose hope …’ are at the heart of the work of Rachel’s Vineyard, which offers healing retreats for anyone who has been touched by abortion. New Zealand’s first Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat was held in June in the Wairarapa where a small group of people entered into the process of a weekend retreat, in the hope of turning years of struggle and grief into hope and healing. Continue reading

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Rachels Vineyard Retreats in NZ


“Report on 2010”


Suzanne O’Rourke
 RVR Site Leader, Wellington

The Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat programme has been developed in the US by Dr Theresa Burke, as a Ministry of Priests for Life, to bring those whose lives have been touched by abortion to healing and wholeness.

In the short space of time from November 2009 when three candidates for the NZ Retreat Team attended their Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat, a New Zealand Retreat team has been established and the first Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat has been successfully delivered.

Read more… RVR Report to Conference 2010

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