Your support makes all the difference

Rachel’s Vineyard relies on the generosity of people like you.

Ways you can help

Would you like to get involved and help us with this ministry?  We’d love to talk with you about ways you can help with the work of Rachel’s Vineyard NZ.  Would you consider:

Make a donation

Help with food or transport for a Retreat weekend

Participate in an information event

Join the prayer network

Help with a fundraising event (e.g. a movie night)

Distribute leaflets and newsletters to Churches in your area

Share this website with friends, family and colleagues

If you think you might like to help in some way, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an message or phone us on 04 974 8693.

We run a minimum of 2 retreats each year, helping people and their families.  Your support allows us to subsidise the cost of each retreat, making sure that money is never a barrier to someone receiving help.

We don’t charge a fee or ask for reimbursement – the Retreat weekend is a loving and practical gift, offered freely.  It is our hope that every Retreat weekend is a turning point for those who attend and the beginning of a new journey filled with hope and gentleness.

Will you help us to make a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat weekend possible for someone?  Give a donation, volunteer your time, make a difference.

Naku te rourou

nau te rourou ka

ora ai te iwi

With your basket

and my basket

the people will live